Engineering & Technology

Engineering & Technology: Dive into the exciting world of technology and innovation. Develop expertise in electronics engineering, renewable energy management, or technology management. Explore the options.

Diploma In Electronics Engineering

The Diploma in Electronics Engineering programme prepares students for entry-level positions that deal with practical application of designing and operation of electronic circuits, devices and communication systems. The programme aims to prepare graduates to have a command of electronics engineering knowledge and hands-on skills relevant to industry or to pursue higher studies within the field. read more

Diploma In Renewable Energy Management

Diploma in Renewable Energy Management is designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge necessary for a career in management and renewable energy. Students acquire hands-on skills in troubleshooting, maintenance, installation, operation and repair and replacement of related equipment. This diploma will train you in the key areas of Renewable energy, Electronics and Management  read more

Bachelor of Business (Technology Management) (Hons)
(For working adults seeking flexibility)

This programme is designed to plug in the gap in between business and technology by synthesizing the knowledge between the two, producing graduates who are capable of managing technological aspects within an orginsation or business setup. This programme will provide students with the knowledge and read more